Nyx Black Label Lipstick 126 Summer In Hampton Review & Swatches

NYX Black Label lipstick is a beautiful hotpink kind of color which is perfect for this holiday season .
Black Label lipsticks are encased in a cube shaped container as opposed to the Round lipsticks which are in a... well circular tube. The Black Label lipstick has this cute lace design printed on its cap. And just like NYX's other lipstick lines, the bottom of the lipstick has a clear window with the lipstick color for easy reference. No more fumbling around when looking for the shade that you need.

What makes me love these lipstick so much is how moisturizing they are. I hate lipsticks that dry up my lips like a dessert after a few minutes of applying it. No matter how pretty or pigmented the color is, it's really not that cute when your lips are chapped. . This Black Label lipstick feel really nice on my lips and it has a creamy finish. Although it is moisturizing, I still suggest applying some lip balm before applying the lipstick since you want a smooth surface. It's not moisturizing to the point that it'll replace your favorite lipbalm. But it does a great job keeping your lips moisturized once you have it on unlike some other lipsticks that just sucks out whatever moisture you have on your lips.
The pigmentation builds into a beautiful color. The lipstick has a slight scent of a grape flavored bubblegum which is actually pretty pleasant for me (not unless you hate grapes then you might want to skip this). I actually prefer this scent over the usually vanilla or worse, the plasticky scent .
The lipstick lasted about two to three hours while I snacked and drank my tea in the morning. After all that, my lips were still slightly stained.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
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