Medora Lipsticks Swatches and Review

Todays review and swatches are from our own Pakistani and rather budget friendly brand Medora Of London. When i started buying makeup for my practice since i have learnt all makeup techniques through practice , i bought many Medora lippies for this purpose . They are very easily available throughout Pakistan and all Local Cosmetics stores carry Medora .

Medora has got Matte lipsticks , Glitter lipsticks and glossy lipsticks as well. The packaging is of tealish plastic case and i dont mind it since it looks ok to me .

I have like 10 shades of it , one is still missing because i found it after taking all these pics , i have mostly matte shades of Medora because i like matte lipsticks more than glossy ones and you can add gloss anytime to make a matte lipstick glossy :).

Yes all these lipsticks are like 6months to 1 year old and they have been laying with kajal pencils so you can see how they are .. and i havent bought any new lipstick for the review purposes , i got many questions about these lipsticks so i thought of doing a review , explaining shades i have got . So here are all the swatches .

First shade is 287 and its is very close to Mac matte chilli when applied on the lips. If you like reddish or orangish shade you might love this one !

Next shade we have got is G-804 its a glittery peachy shade , luckily glitter chunks are fine :) 

Well for all brown lovers 263 is a gorgeous brown shade .
Yess i have got more of peachy pinky shades and this one is my fav , 256 is peachy pinky shade with gold touch , i love love love it ♥.

As the name describes it 557 is awesome Red shade :) it has blue undertone and looks so cool !

Here we have a blue tones pink lipstick 201 , i bought it after seeing Pretty zinta wearing the same shade many times :P

299, its more of a gloss then lipstick i must say , no its not matte as you can see , its very light champagne shade and i use it over lipsticks .

Another very light and glossy shade 506 and again i dont use it as a lipstick .

A cute pinky peachy shade 216 , perfect for day wear .

So , I think all these swatches might be useful for you so here is a quick pros and cons section and pricing details .


  • Budget friendly.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Nicely Pigmented .
  • Lasting power is also good!
  • Huge variety of shades♥


  • Its fragrance is not appealing its a little plastic like .

Price:120-160 rs 

Availability:Easily available all over Pakistan.

Overall Rating :7/10
FTC Disclaimer: Its not a paid review & I bought this product by myself & the review is totally unbiased.

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  1. I love your blog

  2. I have 216 and 506.....I have used medora lipsticks alot.....557 looks awesome.....will check it....xoxoxo...:)

    1. yeah its a very pretty shade looks awesome and doesnt look like a local brand at all

  3. I have 216 and i totaly adore it <3 Thanks foh sharing!

  4. Love the colours!!

  5. Great the pink shade,so pretty
    Wanna follow each other via gfc & bloglovin

  6. so tempted by this post , thnx for sharing x

  7. ooh..these look lovely. We've never heard of them before, do you know if they're available online? we'd love to try out something new!

    1. No they are not available online:/

    2. I am selling them if you are interested please contact me on

  8. Wow what a collection and such pretty colours. x

    1. thanks yeah i have actually made some customized shades out of 4-5 otherwise collection was even bigger

  9. thank yuh so much awesome shades and great review following yuh come and join me to

  10. can you buy it in the uk ? i love those colours

    1. I am selling medora lipsticks if you are interested please email me at for more info i am in london

    2. Hi you can buy medora lipstick on my ebay can post anywhere in world .

    3. Hi you can buy medora lipstick on my ebay can post anywhere in world .

  11. Hi you can buy medora lipstick on my ebay can post anywhere in world .


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