15 color concealer palette from ROMWE ---- Review , swatches and contouring demo

Where to buy:I got this from Romwe. Don't think Coastal Scents have it.

What it consist of: 11 cream concealer ranging from light tone to dark tone, also three (3) correctors and one (1) highlighter.

Correctors colors:

-Yellow ~for under eye circle (neutralizes deep red & purple)
-Lavender ~correct shallowness
-Green ~neutralizes redness (pimples)
-Orange/ Salmon ~ for dark circle (blue color)


  • Gives a natural look when applied before any foundation application
  • great consistency
  • no smell
  • when applied it is a cream which turns to powder texture
  • there are various shades available to various skin tone
  • price for the 15 color palette is reasonable and cheap compared to other brand
  • very convenient for travel
  • Great eyeshadow base too. Eyeshadow lasted over 7+ hours without creasing


  • Have to set it with a powder
  • As a eyeshadow base it doesn't make the eyeshadow(s) appear vibrant
  • Not deemed a full coverage concealer especially if you have extreme dark acne scars to cover
This is How i use to for contouring :

Overall, I am very happy with this and i love the highlighter included with this , and i would recommend it to every girl because its obviously a must-have and with a price tag of 12.34$ , its an amazingly reasonably priced palette. You can buy it from here .
Buy this Palette from 
http://www.romwe.com/ and dont forget to like their Facebook page for deals and promotions.

Regards ,

Rumah Saad Khan
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Disclaimer:I got this product for reviewing purpose but this doesnt change my views about it.


  1. lovely comprehensive post. i will buy this very soon :) xx keep posting lovely review. xxxx

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  3. You are an amazing makeup artist ... nice girl :)

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  5. Nice review Rumah ! You are such an amazing makeup artist i must say !

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