April Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

April's Vegan Cuts Beauty Box! is a delight indeed!!
It includes lots of products which are not only beneficial for your face but also for your hair and body !!

The GlamNatural lip gloss is very nice. I think it would be a nice shade for most, if not all, skin tones. Its a very pretty nude which is most demanded Shade these days .. As the swatch shows its a beautiful shade and i love wearing it since its all natural and wont harm my lips .. it moisturises lips perfectly too !!

Vegan cuts box gives you samples that everyone can enjoy. And it’s not a ton of makeup, there’s always different stuff. So if you don’t wear makeup, there are still plenty of things you will enjoy.

I also really liked the Montagne Jeunesse face masks! Jeez. Let’s be real, I just love trying new beauty products! And I like getting samples that I know are vegan and they cant harm you so being a person with ultra sensitive skin i didnt face any side effects with these products !!
I dont have curly hair so i didnt try this cream but yes my hair have turned quite dry so i used the nourish and shine cream and loved it too !!

Body oil is something you need if you take care of your body as you take care of your face and it takes only a small amount of this oil and it absorbs fast .. and The top coat which is chip free is a must have if you are a girl who loves hers nails and takes care of her nails alot !!

Price : 19.99$
Availability : http://vegancuts.com/beautybox
Rating : 5 *****
Recommended : 100%

Overall, I am very happy with this and i love the everything included in this Box, and i would recommend it to every girl because its obviously a must-have and with a price tag of 19.99, its an amazingly reasonably priced beauty box. You can buy it from here .
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Regards ,

Rumah Saad Khan
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Disclaimer:I got this product for reviewing purpose but this doesnt change my views about it.


  1. wow i also want subscription for this boc each time we have to pay?

    1. yes dear you have to pay each time and these products are more than you pay and the quality is great !

  2. sounds amazing.....I love the lip gloss....xoxoxo....^_^

  3. yes dear you have to pay each time and these products are more than you pay and the quality is great !

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