LOVE ALPHA Brow Kit From Review and tutorial

I have been wanting to use an eyebrow kit for the longest time now, so I thought I would give LOVE ALPHA Brow Kit From a go, and have been using it for over a 15 days now.
 It includes a mini slanted brush which is two ended and a tweezer (and my baby lost mini tweezer :( ) 
It has got two shades of powder one is greyish and one is browish but both works perfectly for me.

Oh i forgot to mention that there is a mirror inside the kit and it makes the process very easy for the mommy like me :)

Overall, the LOVE ALPHA Brow Kit is a pretty good eyebrow kit that has the basics for filling in eyebrows. I would recommend this kit & give it a 9/10.

What do you like to use on your eyebrows?
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Regards ,

Rumah Saad Khan
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Disclaimer:I got this product for reviewing purpose but this doesnt change my views about it.


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