Beautiful Brown lashes from

I got these beautiful brown lashes from Bornprettytore and they are so amazing and beautiful . They look absolutely natural and they are also very comfortable .. when i saw the price i was so shocked because it was a 10 pairs pack only for 8.05$ :o. So inexpensive for so natural lashes .
These can be worn even in day time without looking too much .
I am so happy with these and you can buy these with further 10% Discount by using code : RSKH10" from here .
I have used them in this look , hope you will like it :


  1. its looks bit natural <3
    lovely post

    1. it was looking very natural i applied lots of mascara to make it noticible in the pics :)

  2. Born Pretty Store has some amazing eyelashes. Beautiful pictures Rumah! x

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade


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