Living nature Products swatches, review and look

I recieved a package from Living nature with lots of products but i got more excited when i opened the packaging of each product.. Special attention is giving to the looks of every product as well , that made me more interested in testing everything out as soon as i can :).
So here is unboxed version of everything , so beautiful!!

So lets start with the basic stuff !!
Its a shade darker than my skin tone but i tested it and it blends perfectly and coverage is amazing .
It also smells good , has a very little scent to it , i hate cosmetics with heavy and over powering scent !!

The foundation shade range is great , what i chose looks perfect on my skin my wrist is much paler then my face my face is quiet pinkish !! You can build up the coverage and it doesnt feel heavy on the skin at all !!

Well this is a beautiful peachy pinky shade and as the packaging is awesome its great too , i love the shade it would suit mostly every complexion and its very pigmented , and perfect shade for daily use too!

 One of my most favourite things and i am so happy that i chose this lipstick its so adorable ♥

 Its a very beautiful coral shade and the packaging is a delight to touch . Its a very pigmented shade with a glossy finish and lasting power is great as well. Here is the swatch for you!

Its supposed to be a thickening mascara while its a great lengthening mascara i loved the amazing result. It actually lengthened the lashes !

lets just say it will make your skin more luminous and flawless, yesss.
It just makes the whole makeup appear smoother and flawless and i doubt that it increased the lasting power of my makeup too.

Skin Essencials:
 Well three beautiful bottles popped out of this pouch , Cleanser , Hyderating gel and day cream.

It Gives you an oilfree smooth skin for hours and control the oil secretion {this is something i felt on my skin }
Hydrating gel:
I have been using this as a primer to make my makeup appear smoother and since i dont want to become and oil slick i love this for keeping my skin hydrated without making it look oily!
Day Cream:
Well it felt heavy on my skin because its very humid here but it will work great in winters i guess.

I have found living nature products some of the bestest products i have tried !!
Loved them to the core !
Here is the look i created with all of them :

You can buy all these Products from , do like their facebook page for promotions and discounts.
Ever used Living nature Products ??
Share your views about it with me :).
Regards ,

Rumah Saad Khan
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Disclaimer:I got this product for reviewing purpose but this doesnt change my views about it.


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