Review of Hijabs and Turbans by HEARTHIJAB.COM

Assalam O alaikum Everyone !

This is me Rumah and i am here with a very important blog post , I am a hijabi , i wear scarf all day since i live in a joint family so i am always looking for scarves which are comfortable and are long enough to provide good coverage . 

As soon a i needed beautiful scarves for my daily wear and my looks for the Facebook page , i was sent some beautiful scarves and turbans by Heart Hijab !

I was sent 3 beautiful scarves and 2 turbans by Heart Hijab .

:Silk Hijabs BY Heart Hijab :

I was sent burgundy and Gold Silk hijabs , these scarves have a little sheen to then which adds a touch of glam and class , they add beauty to the whole look and they are very comfortable to wear and they are easily wrapped (trust me there are lots of scarves sold out there which are very hard to wrap) . They are just for £2.90 which means 4.47 Dollars or 450 rs only !

 Here you can see the look with Gold scarf only .

and here is a look with individual Burgundy silk hijab :

:Red Lace Overlay HIjab :

This hijab style includes lace with another comfortable cloth .
Beautiful and high quality Lace Hijabs, breathable material. Large maxi size. 180cm Length 90cm Width
You can wrap it in various styles and this combination will provide coverage with style , its only for £3.80 which is 5.9$ or 590 rs.

Turban Hijab

Heart Hijab has got a large variety of Turbans so you can buy lots of matching turbans with your outfits, Turbans are easily to wear you can wear it under scarves or own their own ! As you can see in the picture above i am wearing Brown turban and the picture below i am wearing red Turban !
Turbans are available for £2.20 which means 3.4$ or 344 RS has got amazing variety of plain hijabs , lace hijabs , pom pom hijabs and what not .. Checkout their facebook page and instagram for new product launches and promotions & do let me know which is your favorite style out of all !

Disclaimer : Products were sent me for free but it does not effect my loyal opinions .


  1. Wow thanks your reviews are always helpful and these scarves look great i m gonna buy for sure

  2. You arelooking so beautiful mashaAllah.


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