OMGJEWELZ jewlery Review !

Assalam o alaikum and Hello everyone .. Today i am going to introduce a new online jewelry shop which is based in Islamabad .. Omgjewelz 👏🏻👏🏻
i got a few jewelry pieces from them 2 beautiful rings and two elegant necklaces ... 
The Rings are very classy and they look really impressive from a very first glance, I got Stellux gem ring and Classic crytal ring from OMGJEWELZ ! .. the crystals are bright and shiny just as zircons look like .. my ring size is 16 and mostly shop carry ring sizes from 17 and its very hard for me to buy rings because whatever i like i dont find it in my size :( but online shopping makes it very easy !! Omgjewelz has a great variety of rings from stylish to the traditional and ethnic one ,... you can see all variety here .

I also got two long chain necklaces .. one has a creamy looking stone pendant the necklace is called Resin Stone necklace which you can wear on skirt ,jeans or even casual wear shalwar qamiz .

 and the other one is a necklace with a long chain and a bling colorful pendant , this necklace is called Blue waterdrop pendant, because of its colorful style it can be worn on many outfits since it will match many of the :)  .. long chain necklaces look good on everyone and even a hijabi like me can wear it .. To see the whole variety of eye catching necklaces visit this link.

Don't  for get to checkout because they have got a tempting variety of jewels waiting for you .and do follow their facebook page to keep track of latest launches and promotions !

Disclaimer: this was a sponsored review but the opinions are my own and they are 100% honest !


  1. The jewellery is really beautiful!!! Your blog is really really nice :)


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