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Hi this is Rumah :), I am a self-taught makeup artist .. I started my facebook page on august-2013 and within 7 months i have 100k+ followers who give me great response on each post ,i think i am too lucky !! I started this blog later on to explain products and how they can be used, to my followers . I love creating makeup looks , trying new products and doing picture tutorials and looks with each product i review . I have been featured on Glam-express.com and my interview was published there as well :). My reviews have been shared by Nyx cosmetics Official page,Odho cosmetics , Emporium cosmetics ,Rivaj uk , Lit cosmetics, Pinkyparadise.com, geo coloured lenses bornprettystore.com & glitteraction which is an honour for me .My upcoming sponsored reviews include Timid lashes , Tmart, Mineral Hygenics , KKcenter , Bornprettystore , Wrlens , Kpop lens, zombielens , lunatick cosmetics , masquerade cosmetics and lit cosmetics.
I am on makeupbee and pinterest as well and my looks are receiving great response again and again!!
If you are interested in getting your products reviewed by me , then feel free to email me ,and don't forget to check my reviews page
Moreover, i am an IFabbo endorsed and Pakistan Beauty Blogger's Community's approved blogger , and i provide unbiased reviews .

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